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Susan Black is a long time fan from Eastern England and these are her Six Sensational Songs.

Nessun Dorma, from Matt Lucas’ kitchen – Susan heard Alfie sing this and has never been the same since!

Run, at Hampton Court Palace, 2017.

Je Crois Entendre Encore at Thetford – apparently, according to Sue, you could “hear a pin drop”.

Bring Him Home – as if you didn’t know!

Dimming of the Day at the Royal Albert Hall with the lovely Emilia Mitiku.

My all time favourite!

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In news sure to electrify fans of both Alfie Boe and Michael Ball, it is today confirmed that both will return to the London stage of Les Miserables – albeit in a fully staged concert version. Scheduled to run for sixteen weeks at the Gielgud theatre from August 10, this solves the conundrum of what to do with the super musical while it’s current home, the Queen’s Theatre, is being refurbished this summer.

Alfie will reprise the role of Jean Valjean, whereas Ball will take the role of Javert – if we weren’t excited before, we are now! This is a super exciting cast announcement, especially given that Matt Lucas will return to play Thenardier and Fantine will be played by West End star Carrie Hope Fletcher. In addition, another wonderful Valjean, John Owen-Jones will be returning for three shows a week.

Earlier today, Alex Bellfield of Celebrity Radio shared a YouTube chat with Alfie:

Tickets will be on sale here from 12 noon Thursday 7 February

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Over half way through the year and as time counts down to Alfie’s upcoming appearances with Pete Townshend and Billy Idol in Classic Quadrophenia across the pond, we turn to an American fan, Nancy Webb for her choice of six favourite Alfie Boe songs.  I first met Nancy on the Serenata tour of 2014 when she and some fellow US fans joined us for a memorable train ride to Cardiff for the last night of that tour.  Two near misses with missing passengers (both going and returning!) and lots and lots of chat and giggles accompanied by my mum’s mince pies frame the memories of that wonderful trip.  Let’s look at Nancy’s choices:

Nessun Dorma, in Matt Lucas’s kitchen.  Nancy says “This was the first song that came up on Google after I saw Alfie in the 25th Anniversary concert. Alfie’s power stunned me again but the humour and gentle humanity of the man won my heart.”

Addio Sogni Di Gloria.  Nancy says “What can I say. I just love it! Alfie could blow the roof off a building when he sings this one. I voted for it as my favourite of the year in the last contest.”  It was a very worthy winner in 2016!

Stranger in Paradise, Parkinson – Nancy says “Another stunner! He was so young, so handsome and so amazing. Several people have said over the years that this was the performance that made them fans (pre Les Mis days). I already loved his voice, but this made me sit up and pat myself on the back for having excellent taste. He is just great here.”

Amazing Grace (starts 14m 21).  Nancy says the song is”a personal favourite since I was a teenager, but no one had ever sung it the way I wanted to hear it…missing notes, straining to hit the highs, flat etc. When I saw the old video of Alfie fronting for the Fron Male Voice Choir and he started to sing this, I actually had tears in my eyes. No problem hitting the high notes and then going higher….just beautiful. Not to be morbid, but I have asked my daughter to play this at my funeral (many years from now, of course)”.

Rank Stranger – Nancy says “I can not get over the absolute silence in the auditoriums/arenas when he sings this…not a cough or a shuffle, hardly a breath. When he finishes, there is a second more of silence as people come back to earth and then the applause. It is just wonderful!”

Agnus Dei – Nancy says “the crystal clarity/purity of this song makes me catch my breath every time I play it. I have it on his You’ll Never Walk Alone compilation, but did not find out where he recorded it originally until much later. That CD, Eternal Light: A Requiem, is so very beautiful, and Alfie could make an angel cry with happiness.

Thanks Nancy for letting us share your six sensational songs – the thing I love most about this series is enjoying songs and videos from the past, it’s been a while since I saw the one from the days when Alfie supported the Fron Male Voice Choir.

If you would to share your favourite Alfie songs with us, fill in the form!


…away with a tin of Roses!  For our friends in other parts of the world, Cadbury’s Roses are a selection of chocolates that are often bought at Christmas – and they mostly come in a tin as can be seen here (thanks Jayne for sharing):

This clip is from 18 December 2011 in Nottingham and precedes the clip from the Third Day of Christmas in which Matt refers to the chocolates he didn’t have.

Anyone had a tin of Roses this Christmas?

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White Christmas with Matt Lucas and the result was magic – thanks to Jayne for sharing:

The actual date was 18 December 2011 and the venue was Nottingham on the first leg of the Bring Him Home tour.  There’s a lot of banter to start with and throughout which shows the great bond Alfie and Matt have.

Like the song from the Second Day of Christmas, White Christmas has become one of our best known and loved Christmas songs after being written for a film.  Irving Berlin wrote the song for the 1942 film Holiday Inn, which is a great Christmas film and of course Bing Crosby made the song his own.  Since then, pretty much everyone has recorded or performed it – the version I’m showing you is by one of my favourite singers, Otis Redding.  His version is on the soundtrack from one of my favourite films ever, certainly my favourite Christmas film, Love Actually.  Yes, it’s unashamedly a rom com chick flick but it’s fabulous and funny.  And it’s Christmas, so soppy films are just what we want.

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If you’re not a twitter user then you’ve been missing out in the last couple of weeks.  Alfie and Matt Lucas both tweeted that they would be up for a new kitchen video – woohoo – and then Nicola Lange put forward the idea that they should film something with Jamie Oliver for his FoodTube channel…and the lovely foodtube tweeters responded very enthusiastically!  If this actually happened it would be fantastic as Jamie’s FoodTube has over a million subscribers.

Having said that, it must be ridiculously difficult to organise three such busy schedules so who knows if it will go ahead or how long we’ll have to wait to see the result!

Until then, we’ll have to content ourselves with one of the original Alfie and Matt kitchen videos:

And just because they’re so good and we miss them, here’s another one:

If these aren’t enough, click here to go straight to the youtube page.

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Amazon UK customers can Click here for the chance to win tickets to Carols by Kindlelight, a concert on 4th December at Abbey Road Studios, London.  Alfie Boe will join Annie Lennox, Laura Wright and Sol3 Mio (fresh from supporting Alfie on the tour) at this exclusive event which will be filmed for Amazon Prime customers in the UK, US and Germany.  I guess I’ll be getting Amazon Prime then!

And as if this wasn’t exciting enough…it’s only 4 sleeps until the start of the tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As it’s almost the festive season, let’s look back at Alfie and Matt Lucas on the Bring Him Home tour (thanks to Jayne for sharing):

Alfie Boe’s new album Serenata is available now:


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Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas started their run as Jean Val Jean and Thenardier in Les Mis at the Queens Theatre, London.  So many of you managed to see Alfie and Matt in this and some of you came a very long way!  Please leave a comment below to share your experiences xx

Here are Matt and Alfie in Matt’s kitchen singing The Confrontation:


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Last week, I asked you all for your nominations for your favourite singer to perform with Alfie, either live or recorded (click here).

Well, you responded in your numbers and the nominations are in and the vote is ready!

All the nominations are listed in the YouTube playlist below, to help you deicde – some clips are longer than others but they’re all there!

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The results are in and not surprisingly, Recondita Armonia came out on top with 23% of the vote.  I say not surprisingly, but it was a close run thing in the end as the second placed video, A Vuchella, received 21%.

Tied for third were Je Crois Entendre Encore and ENO’s Che Gelida Boheme and there was another tie for last place between Granada and You Are My Hearts Delight.

I must admit to being slightly surprised that Granada did not do better; this was the most recent video in contention and received the most blog views when it was published in March.  Maybe it didn’t place higher due to it being so recent and therefore, fresh in our minds.  Recondita Armonia is three years old now – absence making the heart grow stronger do you think?

Thank you to everyone who voted, here is the winner, Recondita Armonia, from Matt’s kitchen: