A Boe Buddy Farewell

Today we said goodbye to one of our lovely Boe Buddies, Carole Hunt, who sadly passed away at the beginning of August, aged just 58.  I had known Carole for almost ten years and, along with Sue, Cecelia, Roberta, Annie, Paul and Pauline, Pat, Linda A, Linda W, Karen, Jan and Rachel, to name just a few, we had more than few adventures following Alfie around on tours and one off appearances alike.

Carole also had a hand in ThoughtsofJustAFan as she very kindly allowed me to use the header photo.  Those of us lucky enough to know her were aware that Carole was a wonderful wordsmith and I was thrilled when she agreed to write some reviews for concerts in Blackpool, Vienna, Belfast, and the Azura Cruise.

One of my favourite memories of Carole is after a concert in Bournemouth (and again, a couple of years later) when we piled into someone’s hotel room – if you were there, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Another favourite memory was again after a concert, this time at the Royal Albert Hall,  Alfie had been singing a song that Carole was blown away by and afterwards at the stage door, she and Sue were both blown away when Alfie walked up to them and said “when I look out and see your two faces, I know it will be alright.”  This was the event (thanks to Marcia for sharing):

Sadly, we also lost Sue (Redfern) in 2021 – I like to think of Carole and Sue sat together, reminiscing over the wonderful times we had.  Rest in peace my darlings.

9 thoughts on “A Boe Buddy Farewell

  1. Lori Dioszeghy

    So sad to hear. Your tribute was lovely. So many memories of following our hearts and Alfie in the States.
    We are all fortunate to have been brought together by music and love. Rest In Peace.

  2. Karen Cooper

    I’m so sorry to hear of the sad loss of your dear friend but what wonderful memories you have of such amazing times. I’m sure she will be with you has you carry on your Alfie adventures.

  3. Audrey Buchan

    A very lovely tribute.

    I chatted to Carole on Messenger a number of times. Such a lovely lady. So kind and thoughtful and a great raconteur of early Alfie days. I did love to listen to her. So sad and so young. Sue and Carole will both be very sadly missed.

  4. Christine

    I am so sorry to hear of your (and ultimately ‘our’) loss.
    They sound like lovely women who had great taste in music.

  5. Alexandra

    I remember Carole. I sat next to her at an Alfie concert, can’t remember which one, but I think it must have been either Brighton or Bournemouth. She was such a lovely person. My prayers are with her family

  6. Pauline Hyland

    Jane that was a lovely tribute to Carole and to Sue.
    So sad to such lovely friends and so young.

    Over the years the ABUK friends have thanks to our Alf and his concerts grown closer and closer despite meeting often with great gaps. Jane we have you to thank for many of our friendships persisting and growing via your “thoughtsofjustafan” fan site.

    Rest in peace Carole it was lovely knowing you xxx

  7. Marilyn Fennelly

    A very sad loss.Sue last year was also a sad loss.Met them both quite a few times when I used to travel to shows on my own not then knowing many other fans.My thoughts are with her family and friends at this very sad time!Rest In Peace.

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