It’s Over…Keep Me In Your Heart

Tell me it’s not true, my final blog post is here. After five years, I’m leaving the wonderful world of Alfie Boe fans to move onto pastures new. I’m both hugely excited and sad but as time goes by, I know that we’ll definitely meet again.

It has been my honour and privilege to shine a light on the music of Alfie Boe over the years and what once seemed the impossible dream of writing and publishing, is now my whole new career. Finally, I’ve found the real me and, friends, this is the life for me! Alfie has brought such sunshine into my life, through his music and his fans and I hope that I’ve been able to bring just a little bit of that sunshine into your lives too.

I have so many wonderful memories, from stage doors (even when Alfie doesn’t appear, there’s always great camaraderie amongst fans) to memorable train journeys to Cardiff with a group of fellow fans – here are just a few of the highlights:

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I have so many people to thank for supporting me over the years, too many to mention individually but here are just some:

Debbie Bannigan – thank you for teaching me how to walk and then run and to learn to trust my instincts

My Boe Buddies – Linda Anstee, Linda Wellington, Pat Watterson, Cecelia Powell, Sue Redfern, Karen Rogers and Carole Hunt – for sharing some enchanted evenings. I know I’ll never walk alone with you behind me.

Penny, Emily, Andrea and Anis at Vector, Becky and Shirley at Trinity, Julie Whelan at Nordoff Robbins, Sarah at Rays of Sunshine – thank you for everything.

Everyone who has reviewed for thoughtsofjustafan (especially Roberta), everyone who has sent in ideas and content, everyone who has commented and above all, thank you to those who have sent such lovely messages over the last five years. I’ll hold you all close to my heart for evermore.

I’ll leave the last word to Alfie and hope to see you all at events in future. We’ll never be rank strangers, our next meetings will be just as if we never said goodbye.


Thanks for all the support, you have enabled me to change careers and brought a whole new group of friends into my life. Come what may, looking after you and your fans has been a wonderful experience – my heart will always be yours.

12 thoughts on “It’s Over…Keep Me In Your Heart

  1. Tina Wong

    Thanks for your grace, your passion and your great taste in musicians. Good luck to your new endeavors…may you be held in the same global hug that you have here…may your talents continue to soar.

  2. Cecelia

    This blog has been a lifeline for so many Alfie fans. It will be sadly missed So sad to see it go, but so glad I got to share so many happy times with you. You’re an absolute star, and I look forward to sharing your journey forward. Love you lady!

  3. Nancy Gannon

    The very best wishes to you,Jane. You are so talented and generous with your considerable talents. The creation of this blog with information amassed and easy navigation is a tribute to your organisational skills. You have unlimited potential ! Thank you for your efforts on our behalf!

  4. Robert horsfield

    Jane I know that Alf’s a star but you too are in my eyes for the help support and fantastic way you ran this website I know I will never forget what you have done for me good luck with everything you do for the future health wealth and happiness to you and your family always

  5. Carole Naden

    Thank you Jane for all your help and keeping us up to date with everything Alfie we will all miss you so much. Good luck in your future career and look forward to seeing you at future shows. Love Carole n xxx

  6. Alexandra Bruce (Alex)

    Thank you Jane for all your hard work. I hope we don’t lose touch but we all realise you have a life to get on with and do other things. Xxxxx

  7. Margie

    Wow, what a journey you have been on. I remember how unhappy you were when you first joined alfie’s fansite. So fantastic that you have turned that around. Lots of love and all the best for your future.

  8. Carole Hunt

    This chapter in your life and ours may be over but it’s also the start of new beginnings, certainly less stress for you and the chance to just be a fan again. We’ve been spoilt rotten with you at the helm and nobody will ever come close to achieving what you have but it is an honour to call you a friend and that friendship will go on. Thank you for everything and just for being you. Xxxxx

  9. Pauline Routier

    I will miss TOJAF so much. Thank you Jane for working so hard and keeping us all in touch with Alfie news for so long. Well done and good luck with all your other ventures, you’ll succeed in whatever you decide to do, I’m sure.
    Look forward to our next coffee catch up. Much love x

  10. Cathy Rogers Sarabia

    Darling Jane, I wish you the very best of luck and much love as you continue the pursuit of your dreams. ☺ Singers may come and go (well, not Alfie, he is just too darn good) but BIRTHDAY BUDDIES last forever ♥ Spread your wings and fly, my friend.

  11. Karen cooper

    So so sad to see you go and your last blog is genius. I want to wish you all the luck in the world on your next chapter and hopefully bump into you one day at Alfie concert in Birmingham xxx

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