Alfie Boe’s Best Live Song 2019: Number Six

The song at number six makes my heart sing – my favourite ever Alfie song!

Yes, it’s Keep Me In Your Heart – and this video reminds me that I’ve loved this song for five years now!

Although Keep Me In Your Heart has featured in the Best Alfie Boe Recorded Song on several occasions, this is the first time it has entered the Best Live Song chart, despite being nominated in 2018.

I’ve written about the origins of this song so many times now that you should all be able to tell me about it! It was of course written and recorded by Warren Zevon in the first place, but for me, it doesn’t come near to Alfie.

Thanks for making me so happy by voting my favourite song into the chart!

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5 thoughts on “Alfie Boe’s Best Live Song 2019: Number Six

  1. Gill Jansingh

    My favourite too & the one Malc requested for his funeral. To most attending it had a profound affect on them & was a topic of conversation at our gathering afterwards. I like Warren’s original but agree with you Jane that Alfie’s version so much richer & brings more emotion to the song.

  2. Pauline Routier

    I knew what this one was going to be as you as you said that it makes your heart sing, Jane! Ok, it’s not my favourite……they can’t all be…….but this concert at the Festival Hall was a special one when Alfie sang through the Trust album…..loved it. Loved the drummer holding so many bits and pieces in his hands too

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