Susan Black’s Six Sensational Songs

Susan Black is a long time fan from Eastern England and these are her Six Sensational Songs.

Nessun Dorma, from Matt Lucas’ kitchen – Susan heard Alfie sing this and has never been the same since!

Run, at Hampton Court Palace, 2017.

Je Crois Entendre Encore at Thetford – apparently, according to Sue, you could “hear a pin drop”.

Bring Him Home – as if you didn’t know!

Dimming of the Day at the Royal Albert Hall with the lovely Emilia Mitiku.

My all time favourite!

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2 thoughts on “Susan Black’s Six Sensational Songs

  1. Cathy Haley

    The kitchen videos were the second things that I watched after first seeing the 25th broadcast in May 2011 on PBS. I fell in love with him as I’m sure many did

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