Alfie Boe: Vote for Your Favourite Duet

Last week, I asked you all for your nominations for your favourite singer to perform with Alfie, either live or recorded (click here).

Well, you responded in your numbers and the nominations are in and the vote is ready!

All the nominations are listed in the YouTube playlist below, to help you deicde – some clips are longer than others but they’re all there!

After you’ve voted, don’t forget to subscribe – you’ll get a sneak peek at the short list before everyone else!


6 thoughts on “Alfie Boe: Vote for Your Favourite Duet

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  4. Gaynor

    Truly inspirational! Alfie makes it look so easy! I love the way he assumes the Character.

  5. Linda Wellington

    I loved seeing Alfie and Seasick Steve on stage together, they were so happy!

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