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  1. Sadly I didn’t see Matt. Which is ironic as it was his documentary that introduced me to Alfie. Booked my ticket in August for a matinee then found Alfie wasn’t doing them. Rang to rearrange my ticket which they did but I didn’t realise they put it back so far that Matt’s run had finished. Sad and wish I’d booked a second earlier show when I realised. When I saw Alfie I was staggered. It was incredible. It was so physical and he transformed physically too. A slow motion sequence on the barricades had me doubting my eyes. What can I say about how he sang. I engineered another trip to London the month after. But I so would have seen more had I lived nearer and had the time and money. I had the 25th O2 DVD on just at the weekend. Wonderful.

  2. I was lucky enough to see Alfie & Matt at the Queens in Les Miserables several times. I have been a fan of Les Mis since it opened many yeas ago but Alfie for me was the best ever Jean Valjean. With that incredible voice and the sensitive way he portrayed the character he bought something very special to the role.
    Alfie, Matt, Hadley Fraser ,Craig Mather, Liam Tamne & Alex Khadime will always remain my favourite Les Miserables cast.

  3. Loved them in Les Miserables, Alfie was the best JVJ I have ever seen. Brilliant acting and sublime singing. It’s amazing how these two didn’t end up in fits of giggles every night, but they showed true professionalism.

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