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There are a lot of Alfie Boe videos on YouTube!  To make it easy for you all to find them, they are gathered together in playlists below.  Videos that are poor quality or just an excerpt of a song have not been included, unless they are unique.  Thanks to everyone who has uploaded their videos for us all to share.

Click here for Alfie Boe on YouTube: The Albums.


Together Again 2020:

2020 Live Appearances:

2019 Live Appearances:


2019 Tour:

2018 Live Appearances:

2018 Summer Concerts (UK):

2018 US Live Shows:

2018 TV Appearances:

Together Again 2017:



2017 Together Tour (Summer):

2017 TV Appearances:

2017 Live Appearances:

2016 Together Tour:

2016 Live Performances:

2016 TV Appearances:

2015 TV Appearances:

2015 Radio Appearances:

2015 Live Performances:

Promotional Videos:

2014 Live Performances:

UK Winter Tour 2014 (not sure, there might be more to come!):

2014 TV Appearances:

2014 Radio (9 hours – there are some long interviews):

Storyteller Tour 2013 (9 hours!):

2013 Live Performances:

2013 TV Appearances:

2013 Radio (9 hours worth – Alfie does a LOT of press!):

US Tours 2012/2013 (10 hours!):

UK Summer Tour 2012 (9 hours!):

2012 Live Performances:

2012 TV Appearances:

2012 Radio:

Bring Him Home Tour 2011/2012:

2011 Live Performances:

2011 Radio (all relating to Michael Ball’s Children In Need Jukebox show):

2011 TV Appearances:

2010 TV Appearances:

Les Mis (lots of videos are still blocked due to copyright issues so this is a bit shorter than it could be!) :

2006-2010 Live Performances:

Kitchen Videos:

Opera Performances / Interviews:

Pre 2010 TV:

Pre Pro Days (one video only, you have to go to 33 mins to see a very young Alfie!)

A huge big thank you to Annie Lloyd who put in all the hard work on Alfie’s fan site by finding the older ones and linking them all in one place.

16 thoughts on “Alfie Boe on YouTube

  1. Pat Stanczykiewicz

    Love that I found this treasure trove of Alfie Boe music. Will love watching these. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Cecelia

    This is fantastic and aleviates a lot of concerns. A huge thank you to Annie as well as our favourite blogger. The site just gets better and better. xxx.

  3. andrea

    Jane thank you and Annie for putting all of this together. Is is kind of of a difficult time not knowing if we are (abuk… ) going to remain a a group somehow.

  4. Linda McCann

    Thanks for this Jane. It’s going to take some time to check all this out! Loved the early clip with Lorraine.

    1. Tammy Houser

      I just tried logging on to ABUK and it’s gone! Cue panic!!! Thank you, thank you for saving these precious videos, ladies.


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