On This Day, 4 October 2013, Alfie Boe Sang…

The Sun Always Shines on TV on Chris Evans’ BBC Radio 2 breakfast show:

That final note – wow! He then went on to perform Queen’s Radio GaGa – much to the delight of Take That’s Gary Barlow, who even joined in on backing vocals:

We know how much Alfie loves the music of Queen and Freddie Mercury but I loved hearing him sing such an iconic eighties tune as The Sun Always Shines on TV – I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a soft spot for A-ha and Morten Harket!

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1 thought on “On This Day, 4 October 2013, Alfie Boe Sang…

  1. Jean Fisher

    Hi JANE,
    I enjoyed reading your revues and I’m sorry to see you go. Actually we met briefly in Bournemouth earlier in the year when you were talking to a very pretty young lady in a wheelchair and gave her some merchandise.

    I booked this last February to celebrate our 54th. Wedding anniversary on 2/10/19.
    The whole show was magnificent, unbelievably perfect and could not be bettered. The orchestra, right at the back in the shadows played the first few notes and with the silence from the audience came an air of excitement and anticipation.
    Each soloist sang and acted superbly and were rewarded by rapturous applause after each song.
    Matt Lucas & Lucy Secombe had perfect timing and were very funny.
    Michael’s Javerre surpassed my expectations, incredible singing and acting.

    Now, my main man who I had made such an effort to see, Alfie. There is no one who has a voice like his, soft & gentle one minute, powerful the next. Those long notes which resonated around the theatre, just what we have come to expect. A voice which makes you go weak at the knees but I felt he looked tired after his recent illness and did not put a lot of effort into the acting. His schedule is taxing and I’d love him even if he just sat in a chair and sang. I just hope that he does not do too much and risk losing that perfect God given instrument.
    Take Care Alfie, take care.
    PS. I must mention the special effects which were very special and surprising too.

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