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Recondita Armonia Wins Alfie Boe Classical Poll

The results are in and not surprisingly, Recondita Armonia came out on top with 23% of the vote.  I say not surprisingly, but it was a close run thing in the end as the second placed video, A Vuchella, received 21%.

Tied for third were Je Crois Entendre Encore and ENO’s Che Gelida Boheme and there was another tie for last place between Granada and You Are My Hearts Delight.

I must admit to being slightly surprised that Granada did not do better; this was the most recent video in contention and received the most blog views when it was published in March.  Maybe it didn’t place higher due to it being so recent and therefore, fresh in our minds.  Recondita Armonia is three years old now – absence making the heart grow stronger do you think?

Thank you to everyone who voted, here is the winner, Recondita Armonia, from Matt’s kitchen:


Merry Christmas to all you lovely Alfie Boe fans!

Been thinking about a new blog post for a week or so but in the wake of the cancellation of Alfie’s US tour I hesitated. Emotions have been running high for some very disappointed fans and I wasn’t sure now was the time to jump in with more Alfie related stuff…and then I thought, well, we all love Alfie so why not blog away? Alfie’s dreams of conquering America may have just received a bit of a setback but his UK dreams are still going strong so a lot to still be thankful for – I’m sure he won’t give up on the US.  Just ask Marcia if dreams can come true – last week she thought she’d never meet Alfie and now she’s met him, spoken to him, got a photo and even a hug or two! Never give up on your dreams!

I have got to meet lots of wonderful people through following Alfie Boe and this year especially, I will remember the wonderful friendships that have developed and the wonderful times I’ve spent with you all. As Alfie might say, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas xxx I spent a while re-watching Alfie’s Christmas youtube clips (such a hardship!) and finally chose this one, with thanks to Jayne Templeton for sharing.