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  1. FYI. Tony Yazbeck is saying on his twitter that he has been extended through August 21 in Finding Neverland. He posted in June 25th.

    • Thanks Maggie – this page will be updated when there is official confirmation (one way or the other) from Finding Neverland.

  2. Good morning. I’m wondering if there have been any updates as to when Alfie will be returning to Finding Neverland. I have tickets next week as a graduation gift for my daughter and we are really hoping to see him. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery! Thanks.

    • Hi Lucy, Finding Neverland have suggested that Alfie will return at some point but not until at least July 10. Tony Yazbeck is returning for a short while – I hear he’s excellent.

    • Is’s there on the upcoming events page – bear in mind that it is subject to change at any time.

  3. My heart just sank when I saw that Alfie’s opening night of 29 March is not 100% confirmed, since I bought tickets for 31 March last week. His website, twitter, the Finding Neverland website, and playbill.com all say 29 March. Have you heard otherwise? Thanks.

    • Vector, Alfie’s management, have said that the 29th is not 100% confirmed. No further news at the moment so keep an eye on the site in the meantime. Fingers crossed!

    • Latest update: Alfie will probably open on 29th but in a soft opening i.e. as if it were a preview.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if Alfie generally sings both the matinee and the evening performance on Saturday’s. Specifically the Feb 20th matinee – which is currently not listed as a day he won’t be performing. I heard from a Broadway fan who is a friend of mine that stars that have a lot of singing generally don’t do the matinee to rest their voice for the evening performance, and I was wondering if anyone knows what Alfie normally does.


    • Hi Trina, nice to see you here! Recently Alfie has been singing both shows on a Saturday as he is scheduled to be off on Sundays. Hope that helps and you get to see him xx

    • Hi Lola – so far there have been no announcements to the contrary. It’s his last day in Les Mis so I would say he will be there. Fingers crossed for you.

  5. Do you know if Alfie will be doing any UK concerts in Summer 2016 or if he will return to Les Mis in London next year? Many thanks.

    • There haven’t been any announcements yet Heather – you’ll be the first to know if and when there are x

  6. I noticed he won’t be on the evening show of September 27th. Is it safe to assume he’ll do the matinee show, since it’s not on the list? This is my first time purchasing tickets for a broadway show. Any advice?

    • At the moment this is all the information we have – if you are coming a long way I would try to book at least two shows just to be sure. Hope it works out.

  7. My husband & I are traveling from N.E. Georgia to NYC especially to see Alfie in Les Mis on October 2nd. We already have our tickets. I just noticed that he is not performing the matinee on Sat. Oct. 3rd. Are you certain that he is performing on Oct 2nd? We’ll be heartbroken if he isn’t. Fingers crossed for confirmation that he will be performing Friday Oct. 2nd! 🙂

    • Alfie’s schedule is from the Imperial Theater so it is correct at the moment. At the moment, it looks like Alfie is off alternate Saturday and Sunday matinees for vocal rest so a Friday night should be ok x

    • Alfie’s schedule has not been confirmed yet – when rest days are confirmed, the details will be posted here.

      • Thanks for Alfie’s dates, do you know When Feb rest dates will be announced. Travelling from UK especially to see Les Mis & AB.

        • They probably won’t announce until nearer the time but he seems to be off alternate Sat and Sun matinee performances so the consensus amongst fans is to try and avoid those. Hope that helps!

        • Just heard Alfie is not playing 16th Feb is this true?? Have planned special birthday trip from UK around that date after checking he was performing.

          • Hi Kate, 16th Feb is now listed as one of the days Alfie is not performing. I would suggest contacting the box office to see if you change your tickets (travel plans permitted) or keep hoping as these dates change very frequently. If you don’t see him, the understudies are fabulous! Hope you get it sorted! xx

  8. Thank you Jane ,for the latest dates,he is certainly doing some great concerts!! Thank you for letting us all know appreciate all your hard work !! luv carole n x

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