Duets with Alfie Boe – Choose Your Favourite

Alfie Boe has duetted with many people in the course of his career, in both his classical and more recent repertoire.  I have my favourites in both genres and I’m willing to bet a fair amount that all of you have your own favourites too.  So, let’s put it to the vote and choose our favourite artist to duet with Alfie so far.

Just let me know on the contact form below, which artists you like best and which song (if they have sung more than one).  Reasons for liking them might be good too!  And, if you really can’t choose, there’s no restriction on the number of artists or songs you can nominate – the more the merrier.

So, if you’re a classical fan or prefer Alfie’s more recent offerings, let me know!  Your choices can be anything you like, live in concert (or in kitchens!) or recorded, as long as they are a duet.

One of my favourites (I have many) is Dimming of the Day with Emilia Mitiku.  The video I have chosen is from Blackpool – thanks Annie x