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Alfie, Matt & Jamie’s Kitchen Antics – Coming Soon?

If you’re not a twitter user then you’ve been missing out in the last couple of weeks.  Alfie and Matt Lucas both tweeted that they would be up for a new kitchen video – woohoo – and then Nicola Lange put forward the idea that they should film something with Jamie Oliver for his FoodTube channel…and the lovely foodtube tweeters responded very enthusiastically!  If this actually happened it would be fantastic as Jamie’s FoodTube has over a million subscribers.

Having said that, it must be ridiculously difficult to organise three such busy schedules so who knows if it will go ahead or how long we’ll have to wait to see the result!

Until then, we’ll have to content ourselves with one of the original Alfie and Matt kitchen videos:

And just because they’re so good and we miss them, here’s another one:

If these aren’t enough, click here to go straight to the youtube page.

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