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Your Favourite Alfie Boe Tour Moments Revealed: Summer UK Tour

Last week we looked back at your favourite Alfie Boe tour moments from the 2011/12 Bring Him Home tour.  This week, we’re onto the Summer tour of the UK that took in a host of theatres and festivals the length and breadth of Britain.  If that’s not your favourite, don’t forget to vote:

Of the people who chose this as their favourite, most of them cited the overall atmosphere of that whole summer; it was the fabulous (if wet) summer that encompassed the Olympics (Alfie sang the Team GB song, One Vision), the Diamond Jubilee (Alfie again) and many glorious Alfie concerts.  However, the one that stood out for Sue Redfern was Gawsworth.  Here is Crying (thanks Linda for sharing):

This is especially for the long hair and jeans / waistcoat brigade! And just because we can, here’s another video from Gawsworth, this time especially for Rachel, who I believe was the owner of the bug spray at the beginning of the clip!

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On This Day, 6 May 2012, Alfie Boe Sang…

…at the Kauffman Centre, Kansas – here is the complete concert in three parts:

This is the second time I’ve blogged about this concert but the first to include the whole concert – enjoy!

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Vote for Your Favourite Alfie Boe Song – Live!

Four weeks today the UK fans will be able to listen to Alfie Boe’s new album Serenata in its entirety – roll on 17th November!  Before and after that date we’ll be seeing a whole lot of Alfie as the promotional machine cranks right up (look out for ways in which you can help Alfie!) and then those lucky enough to have tour tickets will see an awful lot more on the tour.

So, before we get into Serenata, let’s gets ready for the tour by voting on the fans favourite live song.  There are already three nominations:

  • Jacob’s Ladder – nominated by Janet and Katie
  • Led Zep’s Rock & Roll – nominated by Linda W
  • Midnight Rider – nominated by Line

Get those nominations coming in fast so we can kick off the voting and countdown in Alfie’s word – SOON! If your preferrred song also has a you tube video that would be fantastic and if you have a story to tell, add it to the comment box below:

To oil your wheels, here is Line’s nomination of Midnight Rambler from Watford in 2012 – thanks to the lovely Linda W for sharing xx

This should also keep those Al, Toby, Karlos and Jon fans happy too!

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On This Day, 24 May, Alfie Boe Sang…

Rank Strangers at Buxton Opera House in 2012.

The clip below (thanks Linda W) starts with Alfie attempting to reminisce about his D’oyly Carte days dressed as a sailor, presumably in HMS Pinafore.

This video also sees (I believe) the first time Al Vosper and Toby Chapman share Alfie’s mic and Al’s comic ear shaking – imagine how loud Alfie’s voice is when you’re standing right next to him!

Happy reminiscing – love Alfie’s current band but really miss Al, Toby, Jon, Karlos and Julien too xx


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