Your Favourite Alfie Boe Tour

With just a week to go before Alfie’s first date in his mini UK summer tour, excitement is running high.  Add to that, the excitement over the release of Classic Quadrophenia today and we Alfie fans are already super excited that summer is here.

So, what better way to look forward to the live dates than to look back at Alfie’s previous tours and choose a favourite – you guessed it, another poll!  We haven’t had one for a while, indeed the last was the much discussed Alfie’s Best Look poll which ensured some very lively comments!  Thanks to Carole Hunt for the idea for this one.

My favourite tour so far was the Serenata tour of Winter 2014; I felt Alfie’s voice was at his best and the repertoire included songs from his earlier albums that I had never expected to hear him sing live.  Having said that, Storyteller was very hard to beat but they were totally different experiences, reflecting Alfie’s continued musical development. One of my favourite moments was hearing Recondita Armonia and Nessun Dorma for the first time in Newcastle (thanks Linda for sharing):

Whichever is your favourite tour,  get voting below – results published some time over the summer!

I would also like to know your favourite moment from that tour so please fill in the form below:

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