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Your Favourite Alfie Boe Tour Moments Revealed: Summer UK Tour

Last week we looked back at your favourite Alfie Boe tour moments from the 2011/12 Bring Him Home tour.  This week, we’re onto the Summer tour of the UK that took in a host of theatres and festivals the length and breadth of Britain.  If that’s not your favourite, don’t forget to vote:

Of the people who chose this as their favourite, most of them cited the overall atmosphere of that whole summer; it was the fabulous (if wet) summer that encompassed the Olympics (Alfie sang the Team GB song, One Vision), the Diamond Jubilee (Alfie again) and many glorious Alfie concerts.  However, the one that stood out for Sue Redfern was Gawsworth.  Here is Crying (thanks Linda for sharing):

This is especially for the long hair and jeans / waistcoat brigade! And just because we can, here’s another video from Gawsworth, this time especially for Rachel, who I believe was the owner of the bug spray at the beginning of the clip!

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On This Day 3 August 2012 Alfie Boe Sang

Hound Dog at Gawsworth – just about the only time he sang this particular Elvis number.  He must have liked it because he sang it at Lytham the next night too!

However, Alfie and Elvis have a special relationship as we have seen from the Elvis numbers that have peppered Alfie’s shows over the last couple of years; still, that’s a subject for a different blog…

Here is Hound Dog at Gawsworth – once again, thanks to Linda W for sharing.  The video starts with the Neapolitan section of the concert:

Incidentally, Gawsworth was the concert where one obliging Alfie’s Arrow lent him her bug spray!

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