Vote for Your Favourite Alfie Boe Song – Live!

Four weeks today the UK fans will be able to listen to Alfie Boe’s new album Serenata in its entirety – roll on 17th November!  Before and after that date we’ll be seeing a whole lot of Alfie as the promotional machine cranks right up (look out for ways in which you can help Alfie!) and then those lucky enough to have tour tickets will see an awful lot more on the tour.

So, before we get into Serenata, let’s gets ready for the tour by voting on the fans favourite live song.  There are already three nominations:

  • Jacob’s Ladder – nominated by Janet and Katie
  • Led Zep’s Rock & Roll – nominated by Linda W
  • Midnight Rider – nominated by Line

Get those nominations coming in fast so we can kick off the voting and countdown in Alfie’s word – SOON! If your preferrred song also has a you tube video that would be fantastic and if you have a story to tell, add it to the comment box below:

To oil your wheels, here is Line’s nomination of Midnight Rambler from Watford in 2012 – thanks to the lovely Linda W for sharing xx

This should also keep those Al, Toby, Karlos and Jon fans happy too!

thanks for reading and voting

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