7 comments on “Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song: Number 6

  1. This is my all time favourite by Alfie. It’s the one I listen to time and time and time again (much to the annoyance of those around me!)

  2. Absolutely love it. One of my favourites from La Passione and I’m surprised to hear that’s the only on from that album in the top ten. One of the ones I’ve requested he includes in the tour – I just love how long he can hold that last note.

  3. Every time I hear it, my legs turn to jelly. A completely sublime rendition. Deservedly in the top ten.

  4. I love this song! The first time I heard it was in the YouTube recording that you posted. The violin in the background and Alfie’s toned down version are wonderful. It was written as a popular ballad as you have stated in your post and when sung by an opera tenor, it can lose some of its sweet simplicity. The Three Tenors have a version from 1998 and although they don’t over sing it, their version is not as lovely as Alfie’s. I’m not surprised that it made the top ten list because it is such a romantic ballad. Judging by the snippets that I have heard of Alfie’s version of “Addio Sogni” from his new album, I predict that it will soon be one of everyone’s favourites. It is a perfect choice for him.

  5. Thanks for posting the 1930’s recording of this ………great to hear!
    Also the original recording of Rosie……..fascinating.

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