3 comments on “Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song: The Top Ten!

  1. I’ve HAD to listen to them again (just to make sure) but no1 is still my favourite – apart from his wonderful voice, the music is just so beautiful.
    Parlami D’Amore Mariu and Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna come next.

    I think these songs are much better suited to his voice.

  2. Is that just the top 10 Jane or 1 to 10 in order. I do absolutely love the number one spot on the list whether it is the number one favourite or not. He sang it ‘acapulco’ at Westonbirt and some people he sang it because I’d requested it. I couldn’t believe that but it would have been very nice. I had to vote for 5 this time. But a very good Top 10.

  3. My favourite song made it to Number 3 so I am happy…..I do love the one that made it to Number 1 too…

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