4 comments on “On This Day, 24 August 2013, Alfie Boe Sang

  1. Sorry I missed this one. America got in the way. But as always, Linda’s videos made us feel like we were there. xxx

  2. Thanks Jane, had such a good time that day. Sally at the front. Making a deal with the Keane fans to give them the front when Alfie sang. Him at his outdoor informal best. Wonderful duet with Seasick Steve was a big surprise and your summary captures it completely. That trek back to the car, well my car, then the drive to Linda’s. Getting back to finding my pub hotel in darkness and no idea how to get in! Brilliant day.

  3. Wonderful memories – had a ball! Fantastic evening even if I did have car problems. Alfie sang like a dream -and seemed to be having a great time too. His duet with Seasick Steve also stands out

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