4 comments on “The 5 Ages of Pink Floyd

  1. I’ve been a fan of Pink Floyd for more years that I care to remember!
    Dark Side of the Moon in my opinion is one of the best albums ever released.
    If you ever get the chance watch the video PULSE.. its a live recording of their 1994 concert
    at Earls Court, I was fortunate enough to be at that event, it was absolutely breathtaking….!!

  2. Very interesting read. Have you heard David Gilmour’s version of Je Crois Entendre Encore? I like it but not as much as Alfie’s (no surprise there!) x

    • I have a feeling that Chris (Flo’s dad) was at Earl’s Court for Pulse too. Small world! Flo enjoyed writing about the five ages of Pink Floyd because she has been brought up on their music, thanks to Chris. Thanks, Jane, for reproducing it here – she’ll be dead chuffed to know you liked it!

      And don’t forget that there’s a new Pink Floyd album coming out in a couple of months time. So maybe there’ll be a fifth age too 🙂

    • Stay tuned to see where Je Crois Entendre Encore comes in the top ten best songs to see the reference to David Gilmour x

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