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On This Day, 24 August 2013, Alfie Boe Sang

Suspicious Minds at Carfest South…and it was incredible!

Cast your minds back to last summer and you’ll recall that late august threatened to be one of the wettest we’d had and standing in a field all day wasn’t looking a fabulous prospect, even to see the gorgeous Mr Boe!  Anyway, Sally and I arrived at the festival site and tramped from the car park for what seemed like forever until we found Annie sat dead centre in front of the stage.  Perfect!  Linda W, Jan and Carole soon arrived and we had a wonderful afternoon chatting and waiting for the music to start.  Linda even had time to get a photo with Murray Gould, Alfie’s guitarist, and the result is my favourite of her:

linda murray

Just before Alfie came on, the karaoke on the next stage was in full swing, and one guy sang Suspicious Minds.  He was good but Sally turned to me and said “we need the West London karaoke champion to be singing this”.  For those of you who don’t know, Alfie was crowned West London karaoke champion with his rendition of this song, many moons ago.  Alfie’s set started and it was fantastic…until the very last song which turned out to be Suspicious Minds.  Our joy was unconfined and part of the joy was watching the Carfest host, Chris Evans, marvel at the way in which Alfie worked the crowd; to say he held them in the palm of his hand is an understatement.  Here is the fabulous Linda’s video:


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