10 comments on “Happy New Year 2019

  1. Thank you all for another fantastic year, and here’s to 2019 with lots to look forward to indeed!!!

  2. Loved that Jane! What a year, and we get to do it all again, differently maybe but joyful all the same.
    Huge thanks to you especially, and to everyone on this train. xx

  3. Thank you Jane for your brilliant website and all the fantastic Alfie information and photos you keep us up to date with . We all appreciate the hard work that you and all your fabulous helpers do . Thank you all for sharing the magic that is Alfie . Missed the Fleetwood and Scarborough gigs due to Family circumstances beyond anyone’s control but felt I was there due to everyone’s kindness.

    Thanks and Happy New Year !! X

  4. Happy New Year Jane!
    Thank you for your wonderful website and for all your hard work in 2018..
    Here’s to another amazing ‘Alfie’ year

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