Nominate Alfie Boe’s Best Live Song 2019

It’s January 2019 and Alfie Boe fans around the world are already getting excited about his UK tour which starts in just over ten weeks!  Now, an Alfie Boe tour just wouldn’t be the same without our annual poll to find the best Alfie Boe live song.  in 2018 we had eight new songs nominated but the runaway winner was, again, Run.  Can it be topped at all? Whatever happens, it’s up to you to nominate and vote, so let’s do it!

These are the songs already nominated from previous years:

If your favourite Alfie Boe live song isn’t there, then nominate it on the form below:

Now, due to Alfie’s next tour getting underway in mid March, there’s only a short time to nominate before voting starts – so don’t miss out!

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