Beth’s Got Talent: Meet Bethan Ford

Anyone familiar with TV talent shows could be forgiven for thinking that there was no new talent to be discovered any more.  Well, you’d be wrong.  A few weeks ago, Flo Bannigan featured on the blog and we saw her sing with Alfie Boe at the Birmingham Symphony Hall with another uber talented young lady, Bethan Ford.  There was such a fantastic response to that blog so now it’s the Beth’s turn to feature.

You’ve heard the saying “ She could sing before she could talk” well that really was Bethan Ford. Tucked away somewhere is a clip that her Dad is saving for release to the press , for when she does find fame, of Beth propped on a cushion in front of the TV, singing away to Castle On A Cloud – she was not yet 2 years of age! If as a baby she wouldn’t go to sleep then a trip in the car would follow with the tones of Andrea Bocelli playing in the background and a suddenly contented Beth “singing” along.  And so from an age before she can even remember Beth has just wanted to sing.

Whilst appreciating all types of music it has always been the case that perhaps somewhat unusually for a girl of 13 , it is to the more classical / musical theatre genre that Beth has been attracted to. Her first choral experience came with a choir attached to the local church “ Jigsaw” – Young Voices Together, her first solo , perhaps fittingly a rendition of “Castle on A Cloud” and from there to other choral experiences with the renowned Birmingham based Ex Cathedra and as part of the VIAM – Voice In A Million Choir  at the LG Arena. She currently sings with the Walsall Youth Choir and is part of the “Gifted and Talented” Programme run by the Local Authority.

Beth has already appeared on several CD’s – her first, Bethan’s Dream had a guest appearance from Dad , her second had the slightly ironic title On My Own!  She has also had the opportunity to record tracks at the Progress Music Academy, backed by producer Gary Hill, a link to her rendition of  Somewhere Over the Rainbow can be found by clicking here.

Now, as you recall, Beth had the opportunity to sing with Alfie Boe in Birmingham a few years ago and here she is with Flo:

Beth has kindly agreed to write a few words about Alfie, so here she is:

I first became aware of Alfie when I was watching the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables, I knew every song from the musical and had been lucky enough to see it in the West End , but who was that man playing Jean Valjean??  I just couldn’t believe his voice, such power!  What to do … obviously a trip to YouTube and a search on Google…and so it was that I came to learn about Alfie Boe.

For my Birthday I received Alfie’s  album as a present , but not just his album but VIP tickets to meet him; little did I know that those tickets would lead to me singing with him and of course meeting up with Flo.  I can honestly say that one of the best days of my life was being on the stage with Alfie at Symphony Hall in Birmingham, he was so nice!!!!  I realized then that this was what I wanted to do and that the stars were sometimes in reach.

A quick diversion to talk about Flo, I read the recent blog where Flo said such lovely things about me, Thank You Flo! But I can tell you that I am just blown away by everything that you do, be it performing, acting , singing or more recently writing your own songs and having your own web site , I really can’t wait to have a go at “ If I Could Escape” and hope that I don’t mess up!

I think that there are in fact some Beth / Flo combos on at least a couple of the Kidsounds tracks, but what I really hope for is that we can recreate the Beth/Flo/Alfie combination in the very near future… Are you listening Alfie??

I share many of Flo’s views on Alfie’s music – I absolutely love his more musical theatre / classical tracks and one of my favourite tracks to sing is Alfie’s version of  Hushabye Mountain from his Bring Him Home  album. I was not such a fan of Storyteller, but still had a great day out seeing the show at the Royal Albert Hall.  I am so much hoping that his new album features the type of tracks that I could one day duet with him on… I don’t think I could be the real rock chick … just yet!!

I met up again with Alfie at the Llangollen Music Festival in 2012 and this photo was taken in his dressing room at the interval.  I still have the Mars Bar that Alfie gave me but my brother ate his in the second half!

beth alfie

Beth is at the moment working on her first music exams and particularly enjoyed singing from the Messiah at a recent concert in Walsall.  She is constantly having to answer the question “ why don’t you go on Britain’s Got Talent?”, to which the answer is” I don’t want to be discovered that way, I just want people to enjoy my singing and one day I will dream the dream”. She is hoping to spend some time increasing the contents of her piggy bank by performing at weddings and events through the Summer, and discovering different songs that she can put her own personal touch to.


Thank you Beth – let’s all hope that you get your Beth, Flo and Alfie reunion SOON!

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