Alfie Boe’s Best Look – Your Favourite is?

For a bit of light hearted fun, the question I’m asking today is:

What’s your favourite Alfie Boe Look?

Twitter and the Great British Sewing Bee (yes, really), gave me the idea for this blog: someone mentioned liking a man in a well cut suit (I may have mentioned Mr B at this point, ahem) and the sight of a denim shirt with poppers  brought Alfie instantly to mind.

So, do we as fans prefer Alfie in jeans, white shirts with puffed sleeves, a well cut suit or something else entirely?

The poll is now closed – a new post about this will be available…soon!

To make sure you’re entirely happy with your choice why not check out the Alfie Boe Gallery and Alfie on YouTube?

Have fun!

thanks for reading and sharing!

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3 thoughts on “Alfie Boe’s Best Look – Your Favourite is?

  1. Eliane Brasilrj

    (Brazil-rj) Alfie’s always good to look, but for me the best look is when he’s in tight trousers (jeans or not), shirt with rolled sleeve and vest … and oxfords (I love his walk). Alfie is wonderful with all the haircuts and also with his hats of cold!!!!

  2. Kathy Knurr

    No better look than Alfie at RAH Classic Quadrophenia! The hair, the black tee, the muscles! Bless him for all that time in the gym!!

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