Vote for Your Favourite Alfie Boe Live Song

Yes, the nominations are in and it’s now time to take part in another poll and vote for your favourite Alfie Boe Live Song.  There have been a number of additions to the poll with one song having an overwhelming number of nominations…I’ll be surprised if that isn’t the eventual winner but I’ve been wrong before about winners so let’s see!

Which of these is your favourite then?  Take a look at the playlist to help you decide:

The playlist starts with last year’s winner, Don’t Stop Me Now from New Year’s Eve 2013 and encompasses all the previous top ten songs as well as those nominated this year.  I’ll admit to liking one or two in this list!

Voting will end Friday May 20th and the results counted down in the weeks up to Scarborough.

In the meantime, we in the UK get to see Alfie on TV this week with the live concert for the Queen’s 90th birthday. It’s a great week!

thanks for reading, voting and sharing!

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2 thoughts on “Vote for Your Favourite Alfie Boe Live Song

  1. Joan

    I loved seeing him cut loose & do this number He looked like he really enjoyed himself. Every song he sings is a favorite

  2. Peggy Baker

    Sure would have liked to vote for Barcelona and Run along with Don’t Stop Me Now but I guess that defeats the purpose. Thanks for doing this, Jane.

    P.S. I’m out of Twiglets; guess I’d better work on another trip to London.

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