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And the Winners Are

The Alfie Boe Goody Bags have been won – thank you to everyone for entering – and the winners are (picked at random from Twitter):

Donamarie Triandafilou

Linda Gleason

Diane Davis

Jo Rowe

Janet Hudson

Please can the winners send their addresses via the contact me page and I’ll pass them to Vector to get the bundles sent out!

Of course we should be in Scarborough (and a fair number of fans are!) but in Alfie’s absence (get well soon Alfie), here is our favourite Alfie Boe Live Song, Run, from last year:

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Vote for Your Favourite Alfie Boe Live Song

Yes, the nominations are in and it’s now time to take part in another poll and vote for your favourite Alfie Boe Live Song.  There have been a number of additions to the poll with one song having an overwhelming number of nominations…I’ll be surprised if that isn’t the eventual winner but I’ve been wrong before about winners so let’s see!

Which of these is your favourite then?  Take a look at the playlist to help you decide:

The playlist starts with last year’s winner, Don’t Stop Me Now from New Year’s Eve 2013 and encompasses all the previous top ten songs as well as those nominated this year.  I’ll admit to liking one or two in this list!

Voting will end Friday May 20th and the results counted down in the weeks up to Scarborough.

In the meantime, we in the UK get to see Alfie on TV this week with the live concert for the Queen’s 90th birthday. It’s a great week!

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Alfie Boe to Star in Another Broadway Show?

Fans have been speculating about what Alfie will do after he leaves Les Mis at the end of February and aside from Alfie Boe Live from Scarborough in June, the ideas generated so far have been centred around tours and albums.  Today, however, it seems as if Alfie may go into a different Broadway show which will see him in New York until August!  Alfie’s management have not been able to confirm this as yet so once more we wait and see.  As ‘soon’ as more news becomes available, you’ll be the first to know.

This startling piece of news comes to us from Alfie himself via a podcast from Clint Boon on iTunes.

Alfie and Clint Boon worked together many moons ago with The Clint Boon Experience and the albums that Alfie features on are available here.  Always fun to hear about ‘behind the scenes’ on recordings – as Alfie mentions in his book, the first time he heard himself on the radio was as Opera Dude on a Clint Boon Experience single. Interesting chat about a possible future collaboration too – bring it on!

Alfie’s autobiography, My Story, is available here:

alfie autobio

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Alfie Boe Delivers a Superb Seaside Prom

A beautiful sunny day, not a hint of rain, just a slight breeze and the lovely seaside setting of Scarborough combined to make a fabulous evening out at the Scarborough Proms.  Not to mention the fabulous company of amazing friends…once we all found each other.  All I can say is don’t mention the trains!

This trip to Scarborough was a birthday treat for the lovely Linda W who so kindly shares her videos and photos with us when she can and although we weren’t entirely sure where we were sitting, we were absolutely certain we weren’t at the back.  Suffice to say when we climbed the seemingly endless steps we were in the very back row!  However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it meant we could dance about to our heart’s content without getting in anyone’s way whilst also having a fabulous view – lesson learnt that being at the back can sometimes be a good thing, depending on the venue.  There’s a lake in between the stage and the seating area at this venue so being at the front doesn’t necessarily mean being closer to the performers either.

Being a Prom concert, and Armed Forces Day to boot, the evening had a different feel and set list to other shows in this mini UK tour, starting off with some beautiful harmonies from the Military Wives Choir of York.  The National Symphony Orchestra then performed a medley of Les Mis songs before Alfie first appeared to sing Bring Him Home, the first time I can remember hearing this staple at the beginning of a concert.  As usual, it went down a storm.  The musical theatre section then went into Come What May with Alfie duetting with London based American soprano, Angel Blue.  Alfie probably thought he was suffering deja vu from Swansea when Angel first started singing as her microphone failed!  Angel performed several songs throughout the evening including Mio Babbino Caro and Summertime before returning for the finale of  Jerusalem, Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory.  She was absolutely superb with her acting fully complimenting her voice.

The repertoire that Alfie has been singing most recently was curtailed slightly due to this being a Prom concert but he still fitted in Mambo Italiano, Keep Me In Your Heart (which featured a men vs. women singing match – women won due to overwhelming numbers!), Volare (or oh Scarborough) Marechiari, Run and of course Quadrophenia.  The orchestra was bigger for this concert and they contributed magnificently to the epic sound needed for Classic Quadrophenia.  Alfie’s last note on Love Reign O’er Me was spectacular – it will be a long week until the world premiere of this next Sunday.

The evening was rounded off by the traditional Prom sound of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance with Alfie, Angel Blue and the Military Wives Choir singing Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia – all accompanied by ferocious flag waving and singing.  My first Alfie concert was Last Night of the Proms in Hyde Park in 2012 and I was there with lovely Linda W so it was doubly nice to be there with her again,  Here is her video of Jerusalem:

Lovely weekend with amazing friends The Two Linda’s, Jan, Carole, Pat, Janet, Paul and Janet, Nikki, Marie, Annie and Pauline.  We also discovered that every single person staying in our (small hotel) was there for the concert and we made some new Alfie friends in the bar afterwards – hello Roger and Barbara and the two from Leeds whose names I don’t know, sorry!

Speaking of names I don’t know – lovely Carole has told me the new guitarist is Al Cherry – and we have seen him before as he was with Emilia Mitiku on the Storyteller tour! No need to keep calling him “the other one” out of Murray Gould, Richard Causon, John Tonks and Dan McKinna!

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Alfie Boe at Scarborough Last Night of the Proms

Who fancies a trip to Scarborough then?  In news just announced this morning, Alfie will headline Scarborough’s Last Night of the Proms on 27 June 2015.   This date happens to be National Armed Forces Day and Alfie will be joined by the Military Wives Choir who have previously preformed at the event.

Not surprisingly, Alfie has been on event’s list of “must have” performers for a while so they must be thrilled.  UK fans will also be just as thrilled as we thought we had seen the last of Alfie at festivals – we’ll hope for sunshine as it’s in an open air theatre but raincoats and wellies may well be the order of the day!  Not that it will put anyone off!  Shall I confidently say I’ll see you there?

Here is Alfie in Nottingham last week to whet your appetite (thanks Linda):


Alfie Boe’s album, Serenata is now available:


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