Together: Alfie and Michael Keep on Giving

The Together tour last night stopped in Newcastle and our guest reviewer, Barbara Wren was there for us.  These are her thoughts on the evening.
From emotion and romance to rock and legendary numbers, Together has it all and last night was no different. Alfie and Michael were absolutely wonderful. From the very first note of Somewhere to the last note of You’ll Never Walk Alone the audience was  enthralled.
With no absentees from the audience  to tease there was little chance for the guys to play and extract ‘the Michael’ and the stage was very much too high to try jumping off, but the banter and fun they have become famous for just rolled on, much to the audiences delight.  This also gave Alfie the chance to respond to Bradley Walsh’s banter on yesterday’s This Morning programme. Balls and Boetox anyone? I am sure Alfie loves the part of the naughty boy that Michael keeps in check, as in Me and My Shadow, though last night Alfie had trouble focusing as Michael happily tried to distract him.  All good fun.
When it comes to the music, what can I say?  I think we are running out of complementary adjectives and superlatives. Alfie and Michael are really at the top of their game and demonstrating it in every way, both in harmony and their individual performances – wow!  Together their harmonies complement each other wonderfully, my favourites, being Incurably Romantic, Tell me it’s not True and the Rat Pack medley. The audience was alive with delight at Alfie’s version  of Mr Presley’s That’s Alright Mama and completely with Michael as he swung his hips to Just can’t help Believing.  Along with the Rat Pack numbers this is different for Alfie, but delivered with style and originality. Michael gave an enormous performance of Mack the Knife and Alfie’s Ain’t That a Kick in the Head was brilliant. And what about the dancing? Watch out Alfie…Strictly will be recruiting in the new year!
Where else can I go? From the drama of John Barry’s Bond arrangements to the passion of the unique arrangement by Claude-Michel Schoenberg of Les Miserables and the legendary Phantom of the Opera, Tell me it’s not True from Blood Brothers and A Thousand Years from Twilight, magnificent memorable performances by Michael of Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Super Star and Alfie’s Love Reign O’er Me.  It is a privilege to experience such power and emotion as the full extent of their voices touch everyone .
It was a fabulous evening and I can’t leave out compliments to the National Symphony Orchestra, Murray Gould , Sam Richardson, Neil Angilley and the ladies in the backing group – they were magnificent. Together with Michael and Alfie they really made the sum of the parts add up to be greater than the whole. A truly professional and entertaining show which left everyone feeling good.
This tour just keeps on giving. The other key ingredient is the sincere friendship and respect between Michael and Alfie along with the fun and mischief they are getting up too.  I was lucky enough to meet them before the show at the meet and greet.  The rapport between them is palpable and lovely to see. Whilst waiting to meet them, which  was organised in an orderly fashion it occurred to me that it was like waiting to see Santa Claus. When I said this to them, Michael offered to sit me on his knee, but I hate to tell him that all I want in my Christmas stocking is Alfie!   As an avid people watcher I was fascinated by the audience getting to know each other and who was a fan of Alfie or Michael. One thing is for sure, by the end of the evening there was a huge cross over taking place with many Michael fans totally head over heels for Alfie and Alfie’s fans the same with Michael; little surprise that our fan club numbers are increasing rapidly.  I heard a few people singing or humming the tunes of a few songs on  way back to their cars, a sure sign of a good show.
Altogether a wonderful show that has given so much to so many. Hopefully we will see Together Again in the not too distant future.
What a fabulous review Barbara – thank you!
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