Alfie and Michael Together at Sheffield

Another Saturday night, another city, this time Sheffield, another concert and another guest review, this time from Joan Rowe.

What more is there to say about this wonderful pair which has not already been said?  I have been privileged  to see Alfie and Michael once each before but nothing could prepare you for what we experienced at the Sheffield City Hall last night – my ears are still ringing!  There was less banter I think than clips of other concerts I have seen but that may be because this was a slightly different audience and if I may use the term the venue is a little more intimate having only 2000 seats.
We were amazed at the power of Alfie’s voice singing Love Reign O’er Me and then on to the absolute sweetness of Bring Him Home. We were then hurled into the seduction of Michael and the anguish of Gethsemane.
These two gentleman have such a rapport between them it comes across beautifully.  Alfie and Michael made it to the stage door but only briefly; Michael explaining they had a long journey to Bournemouth.  I will leave the last word to Michael: Alfie has a voice that would make angels weep.  Every one of us last night would agree.

We can never get enough of Alfie singing Bring Him Home and to hear Michael singing Empty Chairs is an experience everyone should enjoy so thanks to Linda W for sharing:

Thanks Joan for that review.

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