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Yes, it’s official that thoughtsofjustafan is the Official Alfie Boe Fan Blog!   If you love Alfie Boe and his music, this is the place to be – all the news as and when it happens and lots of fun to be had too.

Luckily I know just the way to celebrate this (and also Alfie’s last day as Jean Valjean on Broadway) by announcing the winner of the Alfie Boe Les Mis Goodie Bag.

Thank you to all the entrants who answered the following question:

How many productions of Les Mis has Alfie Boe appeared in?

The correct answer was 3 productions – and well done to the 87 people who got it right.  Those productions are:

25th anniversary concert, West End and Broadway.

The winner (picked at random) is Maureen MacDonald who will receive a signed Les Mis playbill, a Les Mis programme, a City Guide featuring Alfie on the cover, a signed photo and a stick of Classic Quadrophenia rock.  Please click here Maureen to send me your address!

Hope everyone in New York for Alfie’s last day has a great time – have a great last show Alfie!

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5 thoughts on “thoughtsofjustafan – Official Alfie Boe Fan Blog!

    1. thoughtsofjustafan Post author

      That would be telling Marie! It’s the best way for Vector and Alfie to communicate with fans and for the fans to find out all Alfie news.

  1. Eliane Brasilrj

    (Brazil-rj) Congratulations Jane / thoughtsofjustafan it is a great blog to all who love Alfie Boe and his music

    1. thoughtsofjustafan Post author

      It is still the same London production he appeared in the following year. If he went back again, it would still be the same production so counts as one.

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