2 comments on “Win Les Mis Goodie Bag!

  1. I had a ticket to see Les Miz in September, but the trip fell through; I fell in Oct. and had back surgery as a result. The ticket I’d purchased for a trip in October (luckily) was sold to someone on a waiting list for the bus trip, so I recovered some of the co$t.

    This Saturday I’m going by myself by train to see the matinee and stay overnight.What a thrill! If I’m lucky, I’ll get a ticket to another show Saturday night and return home on Sunday.

    I’m soooo happy to finally get to see The Man Who Sings A Bit.

    (The cane gives me the encouragement I need to do the walking, but if anyone reading this is going to the matinee, I’d appreciate your company).

  2. Alfie Boe is amazing me and my husband travelled from London UK to see Alfie in Les Mis on Broadway on 1st January this year an experience we will never forget !!!!

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