Talk About Strong with Fisherman’s Friend Alfie Boe

A few weeks ago, Alfie Boe tweeted a photo from the shoot for a new UK TV advert he will be appearing in.  The advert was for Fisherman’s Friend throat lozenges and this will be shown from February 1 – the first showing is expected to be on ITV1 during Jeremy Kyle at around 9.55am (ish)!

Alfie fishermans friend

Alfie famously hails from Fleetwood, the home of Fisherman’s Friend and the two have enjoyed a twitter relationship for a while so it’s only fitting that Fleetwood’s most famous sons have joined together.  Will Fleetwood feature at all? Hope to provide a review and share the advert  (the first of many for Alfie?) next week!

The Grocer, a UK trade paper, says that the strapline will be ‘Talk About Strong’.  The voiceover features Sir David Jason.

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