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Boe’s Guide to Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day Alfie fans – this is my Valentine gift to you:

Alfie’s message was just this: Happy Smooch Day – love to you all (via twitter) xxx

In the November 2014 poll for Alfie Boe’s Guide to Romance, My Heart is Yours came out on top when Serenata was included.  When Serenata was disregarded, then the winner was  When I Fall in Love, mainly due to the romantic association for Alfie and Sarah as noted in his autobiography (Alfie found out he was to be a Dad again just before recording the song).

As mentioned in the Guide to Romance, my favourite romantic album of Alfie’s is the current album of the month, Love Was A Dream, a complete album of romantic arias.  Not only does it ooze romance but the sound of Alfie’s soaring vocals, recorded right in the middle of the orchestra, has rarely been bettered.

Now, you may have noticed that the title of this blog post alludes to Boe’s Guide to Romance and this doesn’t just mean Alfie!  His elder brother Michael, who we have featured here before, is today marrying his long term partner, Sean Ashmore – now that beats everything else hands down for romance!  Michael has kindly allowed me to use a photo of their wedding  – thanks Michael!

Michael and sean wedding


Wonder if they will use any of the romantic music from their last album, A La Voix?  Click here to buy.

Michael and Sean will hopefully be recording and releasing their much anticipated new album…soon!

Love Was A Dream and Serenata are both available now:

love was a dream



If you’ve not read Alfie’s book, My Story, give it a go, it’s a cracker!

alfie autobio


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Review Alfie Boe’s My Heart Is Yours

What a lovely morning to wake up to – the latest release from Alfie Boe’s Serenata was available to download from Amazon!  Although we have heard My Heart Is Yours once before, at the Belfast Proms in the Park, the beauty of the lyrics coupled with the romantic melody took my breath away.  Of course, knowing that Alfie wrote the lyrics himself makes it a listening experience not to be missed.  In an interview on BBC Radio Bristol this week, Alfie mentioned that he was thinking in particular of his daughter, Grace, when he was writing it:

Thanks to Marcia for sharing!

If your heart is Alfie’s then as soon as you have downloaded My Heart is Yours (click on the image below to pre-order the album), pop over to Amazon and write a 5 star review!


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Our Hearts Are Yours, Alfie Boe

Alfie Boe  headlined the Belfast leg of BBC Proms in the Park this year (although you wouldn’t known it had you relied on BBC Red Button service to watch) and once again ensured that he captured our hearts with his spine tingling performance.

Beginning with the obligatory Bring Him Home, Alfie then went on to sing La Donna E Mobile – one he acknowledged he had not sung for a while.  For many of Alfie’s fans this would have been the first time they had heard him sing an operatic aria and it was sublime! A richer, more mature sound than that on the Classic FM album, Alfie has just made us want to hear more, more, more!

Thankfully, the performance has found it’s way onto Youtube – thanks Marcia for sharing:

As you can see, Alfie’s first attempt at lyric writing, for My Heart is Yours,  is a success; did we expect anything else you might ask?  “The Stars, they dance when you are near” – Sarah Boe is a lucky woman although Alfie is always the first to admit, when interviewed, that he is the lucky one.  Suffice to say, the romantic lyrics will fit right in with the romantic nature of the upcoming album, Serenata.  Speaking of which, the next promotional video was released yesterday:

Serenata is released on 17th November, if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, just click on the image below:



Don’t forget to tune into ITV at 7pm tonight (UK only, sadly) for Sunday Night at the London Palladium!

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