Review Alfie Boe’s My Heart Is Yours

What a lovely morning to wake up to – the latest release from Alfie Boe’s Serenata was available to download from Amazon!  Although we have heard My Heart Is Yours once before, at the Belfast Proms in the Park, the beauty of the lyrics coupled with the romantic melody took my breath away.  Of course, knowing that Alfie wrote the lyrics himself makes it a listening experience not to be missed.  In an interview on BBC Radio Bristol this week, Alfie mentioned that he was thinking in particular of his daughter, Grace, when he was writing it:

Thanks to Marcia for sharing!

If your heart is Alfie’s then as soon as you have downloaded My Heart is Yours (click on the image below to pre-order the album), pop over to Amazon and write a 5 star review!


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1 thought on “Review Alfie Boe’s My Heart Is Yours

  1. Cynthia Shepherd

    Loved the interview……so looking to seeing Alfie in Dec….this little taste of what we have in store really excites me…..Think I will be dancing around the isles if he sings this….Thank you for sharing….
    Love Cynthia

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