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Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song: Number 5

As we come to the mid way point of our Alfie Boe Best Ever Song countdown so in the best tradition of all countdowns, let’s recap on the songs do far:

  • 10: You Are My Hearts Delight – Love was A Dream
  • 9:    Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna – You’ll Never Walk Alone
  • 8:   If You Go Away – Trust
  • 7:   Rosie – Trust
  • 6:   Parlami D’amore Mariu – La Passione

Number 5 is the first song in the Top Ten from Alfie’s 2012 album, Storyteller, and like the other track from that album, is heavily infused with a bluesy, gospel sound.  Wayfaring Stranger is an early 20th century American folk song that has been covered by a multitude of artists including Burl Ives, Johnny Cash, Ed Sheeran and Eva Cassidy.  The version that Alfie cites however, in the Decca Storybook, is by Emmy Lou Harris.  This video is from 1980:

Emmy Lou’s version is stripped back to show off her rich, clear vocals and gradually builds into something more while Alfie has added a New Orleans style jazz, up tempo sound to get the result we hear on Storyteller.  This juxtaposes the difference between the almost spiritual lyrics and the melody.  Harris, on the other hand, uses a melody and tempo more in line with the spiritual element of the song.  This is Alfie’s Wayfaring Stranger from the 2013 Storyteller tour:

Love the backing vocals by Seweuse and Lucy  – and thanks to Linda W for sharing!

If you don’t yet have the Storyteller album, click on the image below:


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