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The Alfie Boe Quiz 2018

Ten days or so after new year and we might be feeling just a bit down in the dumps with the winter blues so let’s cheer ourselves up with an Alfie Boe quiz!

As with previous quizzes, we’re playing for pride, not prizes so let’s see how many you get right!  Answers next week.

  1. How many Classic Quadrophenia shows did Alfie sing with in 2017 and where were they?
  2. How many solo shows for 2018 did Alfie announce at the end of 2017?
  3. Which guest artists featured on Ball and Boe: Back Together for ITV?
  4. Name Alfie’s understudy for Carousel.
  5. In which building was Alfie’s blue plaque unveiled and what did it commemorate?
  6. Which song was voted Alfie’s Best Live Song in 2017?
  7. Which of Alfie’s albums topped the classical chart in 2017?
  8. How many HMV stores did Alfie and Michael visit to sign copies of Together Again?
  9. Which TV talent show did Alfie make a guest appearance on earlier this year?
  10. Which song did Alfie play on guitar during the Together Again tour?

Answers will follow next week – good luck!

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Ball and Boe Hit New Heights in Birmingham

Alfie Boe and Michael Ball moved onto Birmingham last night for the latest show of their Together Again 2017 tour and Kate Griffin was there to review for us:

Our night began with a thrilling meet and greet experience that was just wonderful. It was very well organised and everyone was getting a buzz from watching the boys as we each took our turn to be photographed with them and have a little chat. They were both relaxed, with Michael the more buoyant one whilst Alfie was a little more reserved and quieter. As we approached for our two minutes of their attention Alfie was so kind and gentle and softly spoken. He happily signed my photos and programme and chatted for a couple of minutes. I told him I was reviewing the concert and was expecting a good performance and he told me the end was a surprise to watch out for and to which Michael over heard and chipped in about Alfie getting all the attention as always! They spent about an hour overall with fans and left us all on a high in anticipation about what was to come.

The concert was beyond all expectations from start to finish. As the other reviewers have said before me if you thought Together was good and couldn’t be beaten, just wait until you’ve seen Together Again! Michael and Alfie appeared looking very cool and casual in skinny jeans and jackets with Alfie opting for biker boots and an untucked silk black shirt which I am sure set many hearts aflutter! Michael looked fitter than he has for some time and dressed to match Alfie making him appear younger and trendier. They came on to a wonderful backdrop made from a collection of photos of their year reminding us of their obvious bromance and love for each other.

The lyrics of You’ll Be Back from Hamilton set them giggling and the banter began; the lyrics unfolded with Michael singing “you belong to me”, to Alfie which gets Alfie making two finger signs at him in jest and then as the song goes on it ends up with Alfie on his knees at Michael singing “for ever and ever and ever”. We were treated to Hero which was just beautiful and then Tell Me Its Not True which brought out the richness and depth in both their voices. I felt it was quite a slow paced build up to a powerful ending which had the crowd bowled over by this point. As the songs were sung the backdrops were simple patterns and colours and beautifully enhanced their vocals and were perfect in setting the mood for each song. As we got to Not While I’m Around from Sweeney Todd the back drop turned blood red and the lighting filling the stage also red which helped portray the mood of this musical. As they sang this their caring and gentle sides was very apparent and I thought it came over how much love they have for each other and that they had each other’s back at all times.  The graphical backdrop for The Rose was a beautiful setting and the boys began to sing again quietly and softly. Michael showing his acting through song ability and Alfie being very gentle before their voices joined together to build up to the crescendo of a very powerful ending.

Michael then declared he was worn out so let’s have a sit down. They messed around at this point making the audience laugh as Alfie feeds Michael water from his bottle and Michael leant his head on Alfie’s shoulder to which Alfie shouted “you’ve got makeup on me jacket” in his lovely Northern accent! As Michael announces the next song from the last tour Alfie pretends he hates it and they start joking about it as Michael rubs Alfie’s shoulder to remove the make up.  They then sang one of my very favourites, A Thousand Years from Twilight as huge floating candles filled the back drop to bring a beautiful ambience to the Arena. The song was both powerful and passionate and beautifully delivered.  More banter followed after this, which involved Alfie fidgeting with his microphone pack wires in the back of his shirt. Michael tried to help with Alfie then declaring the “wires gone up me bum!” The audience were in stitches and then with Alfie trying his best to get away from Michael with his stool they began chasing each other around. At this point Alfie suggested they put the lights on to see the audience.  Once on, he ran off as if scared by the number of people he can see and Michael claimed its “like we’re One Direction!” Love Changes Everything came next with yet more little funny moments between them that fit aptly with the lyrics. Alfie felt Michael’s knee and got the response “wait till I get you on that bus.” It is quite beautiful how Michael has let Alfie share his song and they made it a refreshing new version as enormous light bulbs float behind them on the backdrop.

For act two the boys appeared still in their jeans and boots but having changed into jacket and ties. After the opening couple of songs, Alfie teased the audience as he declared rumours that Michael has begged him to sing songs from a famous pop group which led the audience to think Wham is coming. Of course it was Queen and a simply stunning arrangement of songs which Alfie just rocked to perfection. That rock god came out as he climbed on the railings, arms in the air and encouraging the audience to scream and they brought the house down. Michael said let’s keep the party going as Alfie went off for a break, singing You Can’t stop the Beat to a backdrop of fabulous photos of him in the role of Edna Turnblad. The crowd were on their feet dancing by now as he told us he misses wearing a dress! He talked about the dream year he’s had with Alfie and how much he loves him as his best mate to share adventures with, leading nicely into The Impossible Dream.  As Michael left to a standing ovation, Alfie returned saying “hello, I’ve got a guitar”. He thanked Michael for the last twelve months saying he is a wonderful guy to make fun of.  A beautiful country song, Wagon Wheel, follows, confidently strumming and jamming with his fellow musicians.  Following was a dedication to our armed forces and Alfie asked us to put our torches on whilst he sung Run. It was evident why this won the poll for best live performance as the atmosphere was electric and most poignant. It was a beautiful moment.

The ending was like the best party you have ever been to, with such a happy atmosphere that you never wanted to end.  To finish off, we were so lucky to be sitting next to Alfie’s sister Pauline. She was delightful and happily chatted away to us about Alfie. She is clearly one very proud big sister who constantly referred to him as her “Baby Brother”, beaming the whole way through the concert and bursting with pride. She says he is a very humble man, who gets nervous but adores making people happy . She said that what we see is what we get with Alfie and that he is exactly the same at home as we see him on the stage. Which brings me back to my big sis who I took as my guest. She loved every moment and tells me today that it was a wow concert that she could watch over and over again. I think Alfie has just gained another fan!

Thank you to both Michael and Alfie for such a wonderful, heart-warming and entertaining night. Also to the backing singers, musicians and orchestra. From beginning to end, what a superb evening of wall to wall entertainment.

Thanks Kate for a great review.

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Alfie Boe Best Live Song 2017: No. 6

It’s the week that we’ve all been waiting for – Together Again is released on Friday!  Hope to see a few of you at the Oxford Street album signing!

With this is mind, the song in at number six in our 2017 poll to find your favourite Alfie Boe Live Song is fated to be Stranger in Paradise, the song that brought Alfie and Michael together originally and is also featured on Together Again.  The live version dates from Parkinson and a time when many people first heard Alfie sing:

There is also another video showing Alfie sing it live:

This is a new entry to the best live song chart and was nominated by Diane Lilga.  The song of course is from the 1953 musical Kismet and was originally a lovers duet, although we mostly know it as solo song now.  Pretty much anyone you can think of has recorded it but I’m showing you Vic Damone and Ann Blyth from the 1955 film:

And if you want to hear Alfie singing it as a duet, then he guested on the track on Elizabeth Marvelly’s eponymous album – I have one copy to give away so answer the question to enter!

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Alfie Boe’s Best Live Song No: 10

With ten weeks to go until the start of Alfie Boe and Michael Ball’s Together Again tour, it’s time to count down Alfie’s ten best live songs, as voted for by you in 2017.  There are a few new entrants to the top ten and one or two surprises but the first in our countdown is O Sole Mio / It’s Now or Never from the Diamond Jubilee concert in 2012:

For many years, O Sole Mio would have been a song extremely well known to Alfie and he was still performing it well into 2012, albeit with a bit of Elvis thrown in.  Here’s the master himself:

A different arrangement of It’s Now or Never featured on the Storyteller album but was never performed live.  This song has long been a favourite with fans and cemented this with an appearance at number nine in the 2016 Best Live Song poll.  It has also been chosen twice in our semi regular Six Sensational Songs series.

O Sole Mio was written in 1898 and has been recorded and performed by huge numbers of people, making it one of the most famous Neapolitan songs around.  Alfie himself sang it on his 2007 album La Passione although that hasn’t stopped him having to explain that it’s not about ice cream to UK audiences – for those of you outside our sunny shores, the tune of O Sole Mio was the theme of Cornetto ice cream TV adverts for a ten year period in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Sorry – I just couldn’t resist putting it in!

O Sole Mio is available on La Passione:

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