3 comments on “Ball and Boe Hit New Heights in Birmingham

  1. Lovely review, and lovely to hear what big sis says about her brother which is what we thought anyway. Thank you x

  2. Kate a wonderfully written review. The whole concert summed up brilliantly. The ending as you say is like a party & no you don’t want it to end. Alfie may well have resisted Wham for quite a while, but it had to be said it’s a wonderful set & as fans we leave on s bigger high. How I wish Leeds was not my last concert. Thank you for allowing me yo live the night again.

  3. Thanks Kate for a fantastic review. You were so lucky to sit next to Alfie`s obviously very proud sister too. It lovely that Alfie is singing “Run”, which he didn`t do in the Brighton concert, but did in Bournemouth.

    Your review brought the memories of the shows back to me again and I wish I could go to every one of them.

    Thank you Kate

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