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Sarah Buttifant’s Six Sensational Songs

Like most of us, Sarah has found it difficult to choose just six sensational songs! This is what she says: “Since I discovered Alfie he has brought such variety of music into my life. He sings such a wide range as well that picking six is so difficult. Alfie literally has a song to suit every mood. Having said that based on my current mood these are my top six most listened to songs at the moment.

Love Reign O’er Me – Sarah says “I don’t think any explanation is needed really as to why this is my absolute favourite. I love ‘rock’ Alfie and when I heard him sing this live earlier this year that was a dream come true. His voice was made to perform that song.”

Run – “This is such a beautiful song and the emotion he puts into it every time gets me. I love seeing this performed live. I feel this song is one where Alfie is in his element.”

Wagon Wheel – “I must confess country is not my usual genre but I love this song. Played live with the excellent musicians in the band, this one is hard to beat.”

That’s Alright Mama – a song that Alfie previously sang during his 2012 – 13 shows. Sarah says “I heard Alfie sing this the first time I saw him live. Those swivelling hips of his are a thing of beauty”. Restrain yourselves at 29 seconds into the video!

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, from the opening night of Alfie’s 2014 tour.
“This song makes me want to jump up and sing and dance. As always Alfie’s version is amazing.”

Hamilton‘s You’ll Be Back. “I think this song is perfect for Alfie and Michael. I loved it from the first time I heard it and it holds fond memories for me from being in the audience at last years TV special.”

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Alfie Boe’s Best Live Song 2018: No. 7

Song number seven in our countdown to the Alfie Boe’s best live song in 2018 is one from that wonderful summer of 2012 and Alfie’s appearance at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations:

I was a new fan to Alfie’s music then and I well remember lots of Twitter users voicing concerns over the sound quality – until Alfie started singing that is!  After that, everyone watching realised that there was nothing wrong with the sound system – and the tweets also highlighted Alfie’s hip swinging antics…most appreciatively, I add.

This is the highest place so far for O Sole Mio / Now or Never, since the song first appeared in this poll in 2016.  O Sole Mio goes a long way back for Alfie and he has performed it many times over the years although only for a period of twelve months or so in conjunction with Now or Never. Now or Never, of course, is a version of O Sole Mio, first recorded by Elvis and went on to be his second best selling single. The song went on to feature (albeit in a completely different arrangement) on Alfie’s Storyteller album – I loved that arrangement but I’m not sure too many other fans did; it’s never been flagged as anyone’s favourite song, for example).

Storyteller is available here:

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Alfie Boe Returns to Scarborough on Armed Forces Day

What an exciting time for Alfie Boe fans – the Together Again tour with Michael Ball starting this week and now a second announcement for a 2018 solo show in as many weeks.  Having played at Armed Forces Day in 2015 and returned in 2017 with Michael Ball, Alfie is set to return to Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre on Saturday June 30th 2018.  Let’s hope the weather isn’t as dreadful as it was this year!

Of his Scarborough 2018 show Alfie said “I love playing at Scarborough OAT, the crowds are always so warm and really up for a good night. The fact this is Armed Forces Day will make the occasion extra special.  This summer’s show there with Michael was played in some horrendous weather conditions. The rain really was something else that night, but the crowd were simply fantastic. Neither Michael or myself will ever forget that night. I now can’t wait to bring my own show back to Scarborough – hopefully this time in the bright Yorkshire sunshine! I will be performing some new material alongside plenty of the songs the fans know and love.”

Well, I love the sound of new material, as by then we will be looking forward to Alfie’s first solo album for a few years – bring it on!

Tickets go on general sale on Friday 1 December – 9am.  Click here.

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Alfie Boe Michael Ball: The Show Goes On At Scarborough

Tonight is the last concert of the 2017 Together Tour but before we get to that, Alfie and Michael performed at Scarborough in what a local newspaper called biblical conditions – it was very wet!  One of our previous reviewers, Barbara Wren was there:

Singing and dancing in the rain, Alfie and Michael just got on with it and wow, what a concert and evening it was. For me Alfie could sing the phone book and I would be happy, so sitting in the rain was not a problem and clearly I was far from on my own ( I do have to add that there is no one else I would do it for). Bonded together by our love of Alfie and Michael the evening was far from lost and everyone I spoke to absolutely loved the concert, though without doubt one that everyone will never forget.

From the beginning, true professionals Alfie and Michael appeared at the top of the stage at the end of Somewhere with huge smiles and made fun of the driving rain and wind coming at them as they approached the front of the stage. The concert was off to a fabulous start. As the driving rain increased many of the song lyrics took on a whole new meaning. Clearly wishing there was sunshine Over the Rainbow  and Tell Me It’s Not True to name two. Alfie certainly warmed things up with That’s Alright Mama and as the Elvis set ended I have no doubt there would be towels at the ready and warm drinks as they left the stage for the interval.

Seated back for the second half after meeting up with Annie Lloyd and Pat Watterson we chatted with water dripping everywhere. The audience were buzzing, some had left but not many, everyone in the front sections were well up for it which was testimony of their loyalty to Alfie and Michael and respect for all the artists on stage who just got on with it.  The swing set was fabulous, as the guys looked out at the rain which was getting heavier and sang (also giggling) about the Stairway to Paradise, and cuddled up to keep warm through Me and my Shadow  then letting rip with Luck be a Lady  and New York, New York  to the delight of the audience.

Alfie and Michael’s solo slots took some guts as the rain, now very much heavier was driving towards the stage.  Alfie ditched his jacket and gave all he had, working at the front of the stage in the pouring rain as he got the audience to participate in Keep Me in Your Heart which was fabulous, and then leaving us breathless with Run, a song I truly believe, Nobody Does it Better than Alfie.  As Alfie retreated to dry off, Michael took over with his always wonderful, sincere and powerful delivery of Gethsemane and Love Changes Everything, to the audience’s delight. The James Bond Set bringing the concert to an end as always was spectacular.

On behalf of all the fans and everyone who attended last nights concert I would like to thank Alfie, Michael, the orchestra, backing singers and the whole crew for pulling off a brilliant concert in such desperate conditions. It was a wonderful evening despite the monsoon engulfing Scarborough.


Thank you Barbara for a wonderful review – although this might be one of the rare occasions when I’m not sure I wanted to be there in the rain and wind!

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Friday Round Up No.17

A dull and wet Friday in London was made a lot better by seeing Alfie, together with Michael Ball, on US TV.  Click on Alfie and Michael to see the video:

Alfie Michael NYC

A short interview but a great intro to any new fans out there…and existing ones too, seeing as it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Alfie.  Fabulous to see them both featured on US TV and apparently, they’ll be back around the time of the album release.

In case you’re not connected to Alfie via Facebook or Twitter, Alfie and Michael are in New York this week as they record the much anticipated Together album – it will be interesting to see the track list and see how many fan suggestions made it.

Have you voted for your favourite Alfie Boe song yet?  Last chance – the voting ends tomorrow morning (UK time).

Lastly, this past week has seen the 39th anniversary of Elvis’s death so let’s look back to one of my favourite Alfie sings Elvis songs (thanks Nikki for sharing):

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