Friday Round Up No.17

A dull and wet Friday in London was made a lot better by seeing Alfie, together with Michael Ball, on US TV.  Click on Alfie and Michael to see the video:

Alfie Michael NYC

A short interview but a great intro to any new fans out there…and existing ones too, seeing as it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Alfie.  Fabulous to see them both featured on US TV and apparently, they’ll be back around the time of the album release.

In case you’re not connected to Alfie via Facebook or Twitter, Alfie and Michael are in New York this week as they record the much anticipated Together album – it will be interesting to see the track list and see how many fan suggestions made it.

Have you voted for your favourite Alfie Boe song yet?  Last chance – the voting ends tomorrow morning (UK time).

Lastly, this past week has seen the 39th anniversary of Elvis’s death so let’s look back to one of my favourite Alfie sings Elvis songs (thanks Nikki for sharing):

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1 thought on “Friday Round Up No.17

  1. Cathy

    Love the interview. This is the first time I have seen that video of Alfie singing “You were always on my mind”. I knew that it had been written for Elvis and I have heard his recording of it but I have to say that Willie Nelson, with his odd phrasing, is the master of this song. I like his version the best.

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