Saturday Smile: Alfie Boe & Blackpool Gazette

Something to make you smile this Saturday – I found this amusing anecdote in an article about Ken Dodd in the Blackpool Gazette (the quote starts off by talking about the Marine Hall, Fleetwood):

I haven’t risked a return there myself since Alfie Boe graced the stage for a thank-you concert to family, friends and fellow churchgoers. My mum and I, both keen opera fans, sat right in the thick of the family clan.

And I died a thousand deaths when my mum asked, with almost theatrical flourish, after Alfie had sung solo and with his brother and others, “when is the PROPER opera singer coming on?”

Talk about cringe. Russell Watson thought it was a hoot when I shared it with him at Lytham Proms.

Intriguing bit about Alfie singing with his brother – was this Michael?

I have nothing to say about mothers making embarrassing comments – my mother reads this blog!!!!


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