On This Day, 7 September 2006, Alfie Boe Sang…

Nessun Dorma on ITV’s Lorraine show:

This time, it’s thanks to Alfie for sharing!

As Lorraine Kelly says, amazing to hear such passion in such a fantastic voice – and early in the morning too!  Alfie was of course promoting his debut album, Classic FM Presents, an album that he doesn’t seem to be keen on, judging by his autobiography but is one that I listen to often.  I still think of myself as incredibly lucky to have heard Alfie sing Nessun Dorma on the Serenata tour two years ago – you could have a pin drop in all the arenas in which Alfie appeared.

Apart from the voice, the other things I love about this video are Alfie’s attire – an early indication that operatic arias and suits are not inextricably linked in Alfie’s mind – and how much he looks like Declan Donnelly throughout.  It seems to me that the likeness grows during the singing but of course that could just be me projecting…I pretty sure I’m not telling you anything new when I say I think Dec is cute too.  Check out Alf and Dec if you don’t believe me.

Alfie’s autobiography is available here:

alfie autobio

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5 thoughts on “On This Day, 7 September 2006, Alfie Boe Sang…

  1. Cecelia

    Thanks Jane. What a wake up! I’ve just been crying in my cereal!! The purity of that voice is just exquisite, and my goodness what a honey! Hearing him sing this on the Serenata tour with only a piano accompaniment was magical. And, yes, though I don’t always see it, at this time and certainly in this video I do see the Dec comparison. I adore this man in concert and being along on his musical journey, but in years to come I do hope he decides to make another classical album. To hear him sing these songs with a more mature voice would be heaven.

  2. Tammy Houser

    It is so fun to see him stick out his tongue and grin at the end, as though to say “I really did it!”

  3. hannah

    I remember this album catching my eye while I was browsing HMV one day after it was released. I did not pick it up, but totally thought about it as I loved listening to ClassicFM over the internet.

    Little did I know the place this amazing man and voice would play in my life years later. Thanks for sharing this video as it’s one I’ve not seen. I, too, heard him sing this as part of the Serenata tour in Glasgow. I had waited to hear him sing this live, and was NOT disappointed. His music feeds my soul. I feel blessed to have found the voice, the man, and the friends I’ve made along the journey!

    Thanks, Alfie!

  4. Linda McCann

    Well Alfie may not be so keen on this album but I love it and I’m so glad to be able to listen to his wonder voice singing these beautiful songs.
    Gosh can hardly believe it’s nearly two years since the Serenata tour! Was at the first night in Newcastle and you could have heard a pin drop during that little classical section.

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