Alf & Dec – Alfie Boe & Declan Donnelly – Lookalikes?

If you saw Britain’s Got Talent May 29 2017 you’ll know that Alfie and Dec are still seeing the resemblance:

Thanks for the photo guys!

Alfie and Dec obviously agree as this photo has just popped up on twitter with Dec saying “me and our kid Alfie Boe backstage”

alfie and dec

As Britain’s Got Talent returns to our screens, time to look at one of the burning questions of our time; does Alfie Boe look like Declan Donnelly?

OK, not really a burning questions but whenever Ant & Dec appear on TV there are always plenty of tweets saying “Alfie Boe really looks like Dec”. This usually leads to heated debate amongst Alfie fans who either agree or vehemently disagree – what side of the fence are you on?



la passioneI have to confess that I do think a beardless Alfie bears more than a passing resemblance to Dec but I’m sure lots of you will disagree!

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7 thoughts on “Alf & Dec – Alfie Boe & Declan Donnelly – Lookalikes?

  1. Pam (Pam527) Eubanks

    Lol. Maybe Dec looks like Alfie just a bit, but only a little bit. Alfie is better looking in my opinion. Maybe if Dec grows a beard? 😉

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