On This Day, 4 August 2012, Alfie Boe Sang…

Hotel California at Lytham Proms.  Accompanied by the sublime Al Vosper, of the Illegal Eagles, this is a lovely rendition of the Eagles classic:

Thanks to Linda W for sharing the video, I particularly like the title of ‘Hotel California’ plus talk – there is a lot of chat here it’s true…and a lot of ‘I Love You Alfie’ from the fans.  Nothing much changes with that!

Hotel California was a staple of the Alfie Boe summer 2012 tour, along with Desperado.  It seemed to have been of it’s time though and we haven’t heard it in the UK since.  Maybe Alfie will revisit one day – the man has a huge back catalogue of music to choose from it must be said!  If there’s anything you would like Alfie to sing next time he tours, let me know in the box below:

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