3 comments on “Fans Top Ten Alfie Moments

  1. (Brazil-rj) Belfast June/2015 . Several moments to remember, especially … Out of the blue I see, very, very close (wet hair, …), those eyes! Do not look “smile Alfie” but the look (what I call) “Alfie irish”, penetrating gaze, raised eyebrow …. (‘amazeballs he looks’ too) Unforgettable, tattooed on my mind.

  2. Scarborough oat amazing I’m totally BOED CAN’T wait for next year come back soon alfie xx

  3. one of my top Alfie moments..when he sat behind me in vip section at the roundhouse..and i bumped into him the next day by the palladium an he said weren’t u sat in front of me at the gig last night….

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