On This Day, 25 February 2007, Alfie Boe Sang…

The Number 2 song in our Alfie Boe Best Ever Song poll, A Living Prayer.  This was in Liverpool when Alfie was supporting the Fron Male Voice Choir on their nationwide tour.

A Living Prayer is from the Onward album and I was surprised to find it was so popular with fans.  Many voters gave a reason for nominating and voting for this song and a common thread through all the stories was the soaring melody and beauty of Alfie’s voice helping them through a tough time.  Written and recorded by Alison Krauss in 1994, here is Alfie (A Living Prayer starts at 9 mins 33):

Onward is available here:

Alfie onward

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2 thoughts on “On This Day, 25 February 2007, Alfie Boe Sang…

  1. Linda McCann

    Thank you Jane. I LOVE the Onward album but it was great to be able to watch Alfie singing these songs. I particularly love I wonder as I I wander.

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