2 comments on “Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song: The Top!

  1. I think everyone could have predicted that BHH is #1 but the second, A Living Prayer, is not a surprise to me. Let me say that I am not religious so it is not the sentiment of the song that appeals to me but the soaring melody as you point out. I am happy that people like this because the song originally had a blue-grass sound to it but Alfie’s classical treatment, like Fratello Sole, has improved the song immensely. I think it may have converted some non-classical fans to that style of music. The video is a bit of a laugh and I’m sure he wishes he could change it now.
    I was a Les Mis fan long before Alfie performed at the O2 and oddly, it is not my favourite song from the play. I saw the performance of the 25th anniversary on PBS TV about 6 months after it took place. I recognized immediately that the performer was an opera singer and I looked him up the next day on the internet. It was then that I got hooked on watching the clips from the show and the kitchen videos. Alfie’s version of BHH is unique because it is very slow and has that wonderful blend of softness and power that the song requires. If you look at the video from an earlier Remembrance day performance, you will see that he changed his delivery of the song considerably for the better. It doesn’t hurt that he has beautifully expressive eyes and is very photogenic.
    I have enjoyed your countdown of the top 10 songs. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Yeah, my all time favourite has come 2nd, I’m thrilled and surprised – he has recorded so many wonderful songs to accompany all emotions, but this one is moving beyond compare and shows his wonderful vocal range and talent. Goosebumps every time! Xx

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