On This Day, 24 July 2015, Alfie Boe Sang…

… his new, original song, Against the Tide, at the final date of his mini summer tour, Leeds Millennium Square:

Prior to writing this, I hadn’t listened to the song for a while and yet again, I’m reminded how much I love it.   Judging by the way he has the audience singing away by the end, I’m not alone in this opinion. Wouldn’t it be great if he recorded it one day, although with the next album being the Michael Ball collaboration, I fear we won’t hear a recorded version just yet.  By the way, even if you’re not a fan of this particular song, I’m confident there’s plenty in the video to keep everyone happy.

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1 thought on “On This Day, 24 July 2015, Alfie Boe Sang…

  1. Christine Firby

    Can’t believe this was a year ago! Best @AlfieBoe gig I’ve been to – possibly best Alfie gig ever! Love this song! – it’s so catchy! I bet the person who went off to the loo during this gig ( and was ribbed mercilessly by Alfie for the rest of the night) hasn’t done it again since!

    Great fun, great music = great gig! Can’t wait for the new tour to get a dose of the joyous feeling this gig gave me again!

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