On This Day, 19 July 2012, Alfie Boe Sang…

… one of my favourite songs, Angie, at Dartford:

I fell in love with Alfie’s interpretation of the Rolling Stones’ song the first time I heard it and was thrilled to find it on his Storyteller album.  I was less thrilled to find it was no longer part of the Storyteller repertoire by the time the tour came to its last week – but I can’t grumble, that tour was amazing from start to finish.

I’ve written before about how Alfie has introduced me to other music and Angie is another example of this.  Although I’d been listening to the Stones for years, courtesy of my elder sister, Angie had somehow passed me by and I looked it up after hearing Alfie’s version.  So glad I did, (Wild Horses knocks spots off it though:

Storyteller is available on both album and DVD:


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