4 comments on “Magic in Manchester with Alfie Boe and Michael Ball

  1. A lovely review, Roberta. Thanks for posting it. I have to say that those 2 are having too much fun. Michael seems to be beyond embarrassment – I would have been a bit mortified about having to be hoisted up. Good for him. They are great foils for each other because they can combine the high jinx with great singing. What a wonderful tour this has been for both of them and the audience.

  2. Another great review – I’m truly loving all of these as each one increases my excitement for my turn seeing this tour on Dec 12th in Sheffield – really can’t wait to experience this show for myself, judging by these reviews it’s going to be spectacular!!

    Jane, I don’t suppose you need a guest reviewer for the 12th Dec gig do you? I’d be happy to volunteer. Cheers x

  3. Fabulous review Roberta, wish I could have been there if only for the Matt scenario! Have to wait till Thursday now, roll on……..

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